The Secret Signal For How To Come To Be A Millionaire From Little Or Nothing And How To Come To Be Abundant

  • January 31, 2021

They’re like-minded people after the same thing who will help you, directly or indirectly, reach your goals. This could be anyone in your life that you trust, but successful people don’t make it without a brain trust. A brain trust is more than someone to bounce ideas off of. This is where many people give up on reaching financial freedom. It’s easy for others to influence us, especially when the odds are stacking against us. Next time you’re considering giving up on your goal, think again. You’ll never achieve financial independence (or whatever else you’re after) unless you have a true burning desire.

The Richest Man In Babylon is a fictional story with sound principles that have helped people become wealthy through their application. This first part comes from the part of the book “Seven Curses For A Lean Purse”. Heed the advice in each of these sections, and your “purse” will become fat and overflowing with wealth. For those of you seeking financial independence, consider the personal finance community as sort of a brain trust.

But they’re not reading Stephen King or Danielle Steel. The simplest and surest path to wealth is to save money and invest it. It’s like planting an acorn and watching it sprout into a tree.

Become Rich

To become rich, you’re going to need a burning desire. Few people become successful without having a desire so strong they’d do anything to make it big.

The thought of how to become rich is an interesting one. Sure, you can win the lottery or land an amazing job that pays you absurd amounts of money. Psychology plays a huge role in wealth accumulation.

It may sound corny, but a Can-Do attitude is a must. It’s hard to maintain one if you associate with Can’t-Do people. Corley found that only 4% of low-income people associate with “success-minded” people. Wealthy people not only work dual jobs, they make time to read.