Supervision And Marketing Section

  • January 19, 2021

Allocating and managing budgets across multiple channels and/or delegating this responsibility to appropriate individuals are very much a part of the job description. In order to build a well-designed and high-performing product, a business needs to have a comprehensive understanding of what the consumer wants. Targeting the right market, the right type of customer, as well as who the competition is in the space, is critical to survival.

The faculty in the Department of Management and Marketing represent diverse business experiences and cultural backgrounds, and are student-centric, highly committed to student engagement and student success. We help clients plan for expansion across all of North America, including Canada and Mexico. We can start early in the lifecycle with initial brand development, sales planning and the communication of your product’s unique selling propositions, which we validate through consumer research. Or we can enter the journey after critical distribution has been achieved and your business needs more attention to take advantage of market place opportunities.

Management Marketing

Negotiation and Budgeting skillsMedia buying requires negotiating with vendors for better prices and placement. Managing a marketing department’s budget requires sound reasoning and mathematics skills.

And as we catch the interest of prospective students, our admission and financial aid experts are ready to help them start their own NIU stories. Additionally , because of the College’s ACBSP accreditation, students also have the ability to qualify for membership in the National Delta Mu Delta Honor Society. Because of my education and my internships at Airbus, Enterprise, and Edward Jones, I’ve had amazing, real-world experience. Spring Hill raises the bar when it comes to preparing students for the work world.

Finally, a marketing diagnostic specifically designed for property management companies. Fill out the form below to find out what you need to supercharge your marketing and unlock your company’s growth potential.

Our suite of services is offered through a collection of companies dedicated to specific functions along the lifecycle of consumer packaged goods. Our focus is not only with new and emerging brands wanting to gain initial distribution into the marketplace, but also with brands that have successfully entered the consumer retail space, but need assistance in managing their business. Marketing Management Inc. is a sales and marketing company focused on consumer packaged goods with brand owners and manufacturers of brands. From the Boston Bruins to hospitality giant TripAdvisor, management major Tamara Tierney ’14 has honed her customer service skills with some of the biggest names in the Greater Boston area. At Emmanuel, management major Juan Sebastian Levy ’14 prepared to succeed in an increasingly global society, experience that has taken him to Wayfair’s offices in Berlin and back to Reebok’s international headquarters in Boston. Delve into the complex system of interactive business activities that are critical to getting products and services into the hands of consumers.