Finance Overview Committee

  • October 18, 2020

Rapid Finance won’t report your repayment activity to business credit bureaus or personal credit bureaus. Please note that Rapid Finance also files an UCC-1 lien on borrowers after they have been funded with one of their small business loan products.

Finance Review

Rapid Finance will automatically debit your first payment on the same day or a week after they fund your application. Your payments will then be deducted from your monthly sales.

As an official publication of Islamic Bankers Association, it is widely distributed among Islamic banking and finance professionals. In the peer-review process, three referees independently evaluate the scientific quality of the submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts deemed suitable for publication are usually sent to reviewers.

For smaller loan amounts, Rapid Finance says they can produce an offer for qualified candidates within minutes. In fact , Rapid Finance says 50% of its clients receive same-day funding, while certain loans can be funded in under 10 minutes. Rapid Finance can fund an application on the same day or a maximum of seven days. If you accept your initial offer, you’ll proceed to Rapid Finance underwriting, during which Rapid Finance will learn more about your company, including its annual revenue and outstanding debt. Rapid Finance may require an interview with you before making their decision, so be prepared to answer questions about your business and why you’re seeking financing solutions. This process will include a hard credit pull for your credit history. Rapid Finance typically requires borrowers to own 50% of their business to qualify.

Accounting and Finance Review is dedicated to advance academic research by publishing original scholarly manuscripts concerning issues relevant to the practice of accounting in a wide variety of contexts. It embraces a range of methodological approaches such as analytical, archival, experimental, survey and qualitative case methods that is applied in solving emergent problems and accounting issues. Certain business owners might qualify for an “add-on” to their Rapid Finance product if their business’s revenues remain strong or get stronger as they repay their Rapid Finance debt. You’ll only qualify for an add-on after 45 days of using the initial loan, but you’ll be eligible for renewal when you pay down 50% of your current loan.

Authors are encouraged to suggest names of at least three potential reviewers at the time of submission of their manuscript to AFR, but the editors will make the final choice. The editors are not, however , bound by these suggestions.